Our international transport fleet

All transport operations are performed using Scania and Mercedes tractor units. Our fleet of semi-trailers consists of code XL multilock Schwarzmüller semi-trailers.
naczepy Schwarzmuller

Tarpaulin / Curtain trailer specification

el-trans naczepy
Kerb weight: approx 6.0 T
Load space length: approx 13,620 mm
Load space width: approx 2,480 mm
Load space height: 2,720 mm – 2,880 mm

Lateral loading height: approx 100 mm lower than load space height
Loading height: approx 125 mm over fifth-wheel height

Aluminium front wall: 2,400 mm, reinforced (closed with tarpaulin)
4 rows of V-cross section aluminium slats
Aluminium rear door, covering entire load space height
Aluminium corner posts
VERSUS-type sliding cover
XL-certified tarpaulin

Each vehicle is equipped with:

  • 17 pcs of 500 daN lashing straps – certified for compliance with EN 12195-2 standard
  • 17 pcs of ergonomic ratchets
  • 66 pcs of anti-slip mats
  • 34 pcs of edge protectors
  • 1 pc of customs-accepted cable seal
  • 1 set of snow chains*
  • Driver safety kit